Electric Neck Massager

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  • Intelligent Cervical Vertebra Massager
  • Electric Pulse Massage
  • Constant Temperature Hot Compress
  • Microcurrent Circulation

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This device uses an electric current to stimulate muscles to achieve the purpose of massage. There are 6 modes in total. 15 strengths. The intensity is too low to feel noticeable. When the intensity reaches a certain level. You will feel an electric shock.
Recently, many buyers say they don’t work. After our verification, the situation is as follows. This massager has a total of 15 Level When the massager is turned on, the intensity may be too low to feel very small. At this time, you can press “high” to increase the intensity.
What is the cause of some tingling in the neck using the electrical plug function?
A: The neck tingling is the cause of dry skin, therapeutic apparatus and the neck was not fully close, discomfort of electric pulse function, it is recommended to use a wet towel to wipe the skin or use body lotion first, electrical strength should be weak after a strong, gradually adapt. (electric pulse massage is used to massage the neck meridian, not the cervical vertebra.)
Q: Why does the neck ache in the cervical spine therapy?
A: the cervical vertebra adjustment instrument USES ergonomic design, perfect fit human body does not use the neck dimension. Please wear this product correctly when using, and maintain the correct posture.
Use 10-20minutes every day to make your neck relax.

56 reviews for Electric Neck Massager

  1. R***v

    7.10 ordered, today 21.10 received. What can I say? Batteries are needed for good effect. But… it seems to sit tightly on the neck, like a current beating in modes. but I do not understand what the effect should be. Relaxation at the first application did not feel. We need to understand this device. I thought I just pressed-massage the device neck and you went fresh to work

  2. A***i

    All ok thank you

  3. N***a

    Well packed, received as pictures and description. Will test it do an additional comment about the operation.

  4. N***g

    Excellent. The massager works many modes from pleasant to sick. Not yet.

  5. T***a

    The device came in three weeks, packed well, can be seen in the photo. In the kit there are no batteries, inserted-works, different modes, all OK, thanks to the store!

  6. 3***r

    As in the photo, except that it does not work sorry I put batteries it does not turn on! I am disappointed and will open a dispute the price is too attractive, but it is not worth the shame… the photos will talk…

  7. R***r

    The device is super, very like. And after its application it becomes easier. Definitely you need to buy!!!

  8. M***a

    Super. Highly recommend. Can change programs and power. Me very helped and neckband and back thanks Elektrodom.

  9. O***r

    The product corresponds to the description. Delivery is fast, tracked. I’ll check in, add.

  10. K***m

    Thanks for the fast delivery. The goods are excellent.

  11. O***r

    Ordered 16.08 received 03.09. Works well. Thank u

  12. A***r

    Ordered the device 14.08, delivered to Sberbank postmat 24.08, only 10 days, really quickly. The massager in the beginning did not want to start, but with the 5th attempt everything worked, but somehow there is no sound of switching and the sound of switching modes, and so on. Seller recommend.

  13. М***в

    Hello, the goods came very quickly quality looks good packed well, did not check in the work.

  14. S***v

    Delivery 7 days to Mo. Everything works. To the store Thank you very much.

  15. T***a

    The massager received very quickly. Packed well. Works. Seller recommend.

  16. N***h

    I really liked the device. Shipping fast. In the first mode did not like how it works, and the rest of the pure delight. Great device. I’m very happy. Definitely recommend

  17. S***A

    I received the goods, everything is fine, I checked, it works. Packing is good, I do not know about efficiency, and so I recommend the producer, the delivery is fast.

  18. M***z

    Careful. metal is allergic. It works very well, but it’s not valid di you have nickel allergy or other metals. I used it for 30 minutes and I got pimples.

  19. M***z

    Massaging Super even on gentle hard give you recommend damage only that the batteries not rechargeable

  20. Y***i

    The order was received, ordered 17.07 received 26.07, packed perfectly, in the parcel the device, instructions and additional wires with terminals, everything works wonderfully, I hope to help with the store for fast delivery and excellent device 5, order safely

  21. V***a

    Works. Corresponds to the description. About the results is early to speak, its functions perform. Thank you very much. Seller respect recommend

  22. V***h

    Before the eagle in 10 days, in a stop in the magnet near the house was thrown. Photo For the most interested), the device works exclusively on the effect of electric stimulation (no motors or electric pendulums), the vibration feeling is created by the modes of current,, for Of course, such devices are a bunch and in teleshops, and on apartments they wear, they learn. This for 500R looks quality, no complaints, the function performs. In general, I recommend.

  23. R***s

    Delivery to Kuzbass about 2.5 weeks. Took with a coupon for 380r. packed in a foam of centimeter thickness. Works on two Pinky batteries. It has up to a heap of current modes, as well as several intensity steps. One cord with remote electrodes is connected to the device. The latter can be replaced as needed. On the output electrodes there is a special gel that distributes the current evenly. Under the electrodes on the device itself, too, it is necessary to apply some fairly thick gel-ointment, otherwise the Toks run point, not evenly. At maximum intensity, it is impossible to tolerate dry skin. The action of the current with the gel is comparable with the feeling from the action of the device uplipulse by the type of electrophoresis, but without drugs. Toki cause involuntary muscle cuts. At maximum intensity from dry electrodes shot so that almost cut out.

  24. F***i

    Well packed. Fast shipping to Spain. It is a necklace with two electrodes, it carries two aaa batteries (not included). It works like any other electrostimulation device.

  25. Ш***а

    The massager corresponds to the description, has not yet used, I will add a description later. The store is advised, packed accordingly.

  26. S***a

    Masazhorjt work perfectly! 6 programs and eletrite. A lot of ’em! Sanctioned by this delivery of E good: from 11.06 to 06.07, and the price of e Super! Goreshko preporchva!

  27. M***r

    Только вернулся из санатория, получив там процедуры такого направления! Опробовал! Даже разнообразия режимов больше! Очень понравилось! Понимаю, что результат можно оценивать дней через десять, но первые ощущения впечатляют!

  28. R***a

    Thank you very much to the store for the goods and fast shipment!!! I take 2 times, already friends! Delivery 2 weeks! Cool electrophoresis! Better on wet skin, no more than 3 did not put, the head begins to pull! How works, wrote in the previous review! All health!!!

  29. S***v

    The massager arrived within 20 days. Works without complaints. The order is very satisfied. The store Thank you very much.

  30. N***a

    В сборной посылке доставка 20 дней. Соответствует описанию.Все работает,главное разобраться с включением.

  31. Y***v

    Ordered 24.05, received 15.06 (Irkutsk region). Packed well. Tried on the minimum mode. It works cyclically, sometimes it even takes a lot of current.

  32. S***a

    The store is good. Sent fast. Corresponds to the description. Thank you.

  33. G***u

    Product by Bonnie neck side is tight, then press well being Patch which is too cool to four yo ~ Tired when writing the piece as fluff goodie Patch for more buyers to collar corsage Oh

  34. V***v

    Parcel 134 region in 12 days, the track was tracked all the way, packed well without damage very beautiful and convenient device all works all modes, works on 2 min batteries. Very convenient to wear on the neck took from the electrode and to massage the whole spine piece cool body well effect is for prevention the most thing, the goods and the store I recommend 5 *

  35. V***r

    Спасибо продавцу за быструю доставку.Работает. Еще буду разбираться с режимами ( инструкция на английском)

  36. D***z

    It came very fast. Just like in the photographs. In the absence of A test, they paint well. When I test them I will leave additional comments.

  37. U***r

    Yay! Everything works-cool sensations-different vibrations! Let’s see what the effect will be. (insomnia strains) to the store-respect and thank you!

  38. Customer

    Works well, different modes. It would be good to add auto wake-up after a certain time of procedures!

  39. V***a

    Устройство работает, легонько потряхивает током. Когда заказывала, думала, что будет массажировать типо как шариками. Конечно было бы лучше заказывать с дополнительными липучками.

  40. I***v

    Shipping fast. Fully corresponds to the description. Ordered with electrodes. Something like electrophoresis

  41. I***r

    Very fast delivery in 12 days. Packed in a pouper bag, reached the whole. I checked all the modes like everything works. I can recommend the goods and the store.

  42. R***n

    This product is tested and ordered for relatives. Works properly, complete with instruction and additional electrodes. Batteries are not attached, so, you need to buy a couple of AAA format in advance. Recommend.

  43. M***r

    Быстрая доставка. Всё соответствует описанию. Массажер пришёл без коробки и батареек, но упакован достаточно хорошо. Ещё не испробовала. Протестирую и добавлю отзыв.

  44. A***a

    Good product, very comfortable and intuitive, easy to use and functional

  45. V***v

    When opening the parcel, the product was defective. After some manipulations with the opening of the case, ununified contacts were found. Connected it with hot glue and everything worked.

  46. G***n

    Массажер пришел очень быстро. Правда без коробки, но все в целости и сохранности. Работает отлично. Выбор уровня и интенсивности. Очень доволен покупкой

  47. I***s

    Shipping fast. Came without a box. Packed in an envelope with pupyshkami. It’s whole. Without batteries. AAA batteries. Works fine. Different power of electric discharges. You need to start with weak levels and increase to a pleasant level. I liked the device. Recommend

  48. I***a

    It’s fine. It’s on time. Packing is good. The goods are According.

  49. M***r

    Ordered 19.04.21G. Got 6.05.21G. The device is trashed on hurray, six modes! Just be careful, I have a pulse up to 90 after this procedure. Thank you and good luck!

  50. 8***r

    Quality product, corresponds to the description and photo, I recommend this model, tried on the case, everything works pulse current is very sensitive, works on two AAA batteries, arrived in St. Petersburg for two weeks for which a separate thanks to this store;) In general I recommend both the device and the seller;) to all kind

  51. D***o

    Arrivato con qualche giorno di ritardo sui 10 previsti… Lo sto usando ma non posso ancora dire se avrà benifici… Peccato non ci sia all’interno un qualche tipo di libretto di istruzioni..

  52. P***y

    Delivery fast, the courier brought home. Massage well, only need good batteries or batteries, with cheap does not pull. Sorry there is no work from the network. In general, I recommend. Very good.

  53. V***a

    Great massager. Powered by batteries. To turn on, you need to click the on/off switch, then press the on button on the side. To select mode, the mode button. 15 minutes later, he turns himself off. At me chronically hurts neck, used massage 10 days, it became better. Beats current, I recommend

  54. A***v

    Массажер получил,всё как в описании,все режимы работают.Продавец общительный всё быстро сделал,продавца рекомендую.

  55. V***v

    All as in the description. The store is responsible, the order sent quickly. electrostimulating massager is excellent (massage and warm up the current as a physiotheraptephtic device), high-quality, all modes work. The order came very quickly. took for 587r. The track is tracked at all stages of the order. I advise the store and the seller.

  56. E***o

    In appearance, everything is fine, not yet tested. The massager arrived very quickly, the track number was tracked, packed well. I liked everything

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