130 dB Siren Safety Alarm for Women

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  • Small device, big peace of mind
  • No more struggling with pepper spray or tasers
  • Designed to deter attackers by creating a diversion
  • And drawing the attention of anyone near you

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130 dB Siren Safety Alarm for Women



Feeling uncomfortable? Trust your gut. Activate The Self Defense Siren to create a diversion and bring all eyes on you. Pull the Top to start the LOUD siren and flashing strobe light. When you feel safe, reinsert the Top to deactivate the alarm.

Small Device, Big Peace of mind We Created a Product

We Hope You Never Have to Use.

Easy to use No more struggling with pepper spray or tasers.

Just pull the alarm to activate. Anyone can use it, from young children to grandparents.

Peace of mind

We hope that you never have to use her, but you can feel safer knowing that you have The Self Defense Siren on your keychain.


Traditional self-defense tools require you to fight. Designed to deter attackers by creating a diversion and drawing the attention of anyone near you.

Travel Safe

Unlike pepper spray and tasers, you can take The Self Defense Siren with you wherever you go.

61 reviews for 130 dB Siren Safety Alarm for Women

  1. F***a

    great work good

  2. D***n

    The goods have been received, the customer service responded quickly, it is worth buying, I will buy next time, you can recommend it,

  3. J***r

    Economical and very good. It looks perfect

  4. T***a

    Everything ok

  5. C***s

    Very fast As described Recommend store

  6. U***i

    all good

  7. B***n

    Is the third I buy material top will buy more.

  8. K***m

    The logistics is fast, incredible, and the quality is very good

  9. L***y

    Small and convenient, portable, very bright, loud, ready to buy 3 more for my family

  10. R***a

    Works well,

  11. T***r

    Works fine, camera is as described

  12. L***y

    Looks flirty, I haven’t tried it yet, I hope it works well, I’ll definitely buy more.

  13. O***s

    I’m satisfied, perfect goods, all right, standard delivery time. Thank you and recommend the excellent store!!!

  14. T***d

    Son likes it very much

  15. A***e

    Fast shipping. Good Goods. You can take it.

  16. C***e

    Good camera

  17. S***d

    All exactly description

  18. D***y

    fast delivery , the goods conform to the description

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  20. B***s

    Well received

  21. R***d

    The goods have been received, the customer service responded quickly, it is worth buying, I will buy next time, you can recommend it,

  22. R***e

    Everything is neatly packed, there are no external damages. 

  23. H***h

    It came neatly without damage. It is very good. It is not used yet.

  24. F***r

    it is very small and easy to carry. 

  25. C***t


  26. D***t

    Product of very good quality, no counterfeit like other store. Thank you for your work

  27. U***i

    fast and good

  28. C***s

    Like the description. Thanks

  29. K***v

    Pretty loud, pulsation dolbit on the ears

  30. J***z

    La lumière n’est pas très puissante.

  31. B***r

    Good product. Extremely Loud and simple handling!

  32. M***s

    Very good camera, friends in need can buy it without regre

  33. R***i

    Very practical, easy to operate, and will repurchase

  34. Customer

    Very pleased. happy with purchase.Thankyou .

  35. Customer

    Grossly squeak and careless blighter. Hanging is not important and not easy, and so the yak is demanding. Pri-20 * with pratsiu. Surface-SoftTouch. It’s a normal signaling for Tabor perimeter.

  36. F***a

    Amazing the high volume and strobe light. I’ll order another one. It took almost a month from China to Canary Islands. Thank you

  37. Customer

    Very happy it works very well compared to another store.

  38. L***a

    This is exactly the product that I received. Very loud Ringer and light Flash works well.. Great self defense for adults and children. only con is it took long to ship.

  39. U***r


  40. S***a

    as expected.

  41. D***r

    I bought two of these product for my kids. The company delivered fast and the product works excellent! – With this store next time again. Thanks a lot1

  42. D***m

    good product

  43. M***v

    The only thing is not clear how to change the battery

  44. M***r

    good quality, very loud

  45. U***r

    Fast shipping and it came packed neatly, it came with a box and the sound is very loud! Which is perfect! Thank you so much store 🙂 now I feel safe walking with this safety alarm by my side

  46. A***e

    very good. loud. just learn how to use it before you relly on it. try it few times. simulate some defense situation with friend and do not forget to replace battery in time (when it gets less loud). thank you store

  47. G***e

    good good good.

  48. P***h


  49. O***e

    Very good product

  50. R***s

    Thought would be stronger, but works well.

  51. K***y

    Mini size,super comfortable!!!!!!!!!

  52. A***d


  53. Customer

    A good quality siren, which is also really nice and loud!! Also comes with the battery inside it already which is less hassle!

  54. M***h

    Excellent product! Excellent quality! Sounds strong! Same as the picture! For women alone at night or jogging in the morning! I’m delighted, I feel safer! Fast shipping, well packed! Really divine! I recommend it!

  55. L***y

    Great product!

  56. W***t

    Woooow didnt expect this to be THAT loud.. absolutely great

  57. T***r

    love it! i feel safe with it!

  58. M***d


  59. Y***r

    The alarm is necessary, the sound is strong.

  60. R***t

    Loud sound,, item is exactly as described by store,, I am safe now.

  61. F***r

    Tested one. Really aloud.

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